Satinder Sartaaj On Acting And His Uncanny Connection With Maharajah Duleep Singh

Satinder Sartaaj as himself

Landing in Britain in 1854, the story follows Duleep as he is baptized a Christian and comes of age in the country’s aristocracy. Close to Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert, he is steeped in a life of decadent privilege and luxury that might have contented many in his position, but Duleep is neither happy nor fulfilled. England is never really home to the young man. Consumed by memories of his past and his volatile early childhood, he finds himself on a quest to discover his true identity. Even when he marries and has a family of his own, Duleep is on a mission to reclaim his kingdom and return to his own people. As the story unfolds, we learn how he is reunited with his mother, Maharani Jindan—a woman he has barely known—who tells him about his past and the responsibility he holds to reclaim his rightful destiny. Read full article here